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AMD stocks hit 52-week high

by on16 December 2009


Investors get Christmas present

In recent
years AMD has faced some tough and turbulent times, but recently the chipmaker has managed to regain a foothold in the CPU market and outpace Nvidia in GPU development.

During yesterday's trading AMD stocks hit $9.08, but closed at $8.90. In the golden days of late 2005 AMD was trading at over $40 per share, but over the next couple of years the stock tumbled and in late 2007, just before the recession reared its ugly head, the company was trading at about $13.

Although stocks are still not back to 2007 levels, bear in mind that AMD was trading at barely over $2 in January 2009, so smart investors could have earned well over 400 percent in just under a year. AMD hopes to report a profit or break even in the next couple of quarters, following several consecutive quarters in the red.

Speaking of investors, the numbers come as a rather nice Christmas gift, not that Dubai-based investors care about it.
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