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EU to impose volume limit for MP3 players

by on14 December 2009


Grumpy old men against teen deafness

The European Commission has announced plans to limit the maximum volume on MP3 players in order to protect kids from blowing their eardrums to bits.

The EC plans to impose a default maximum restriction of 85 decibels on all MP3 players sold in the EU. However, users would be able to override the setting and squeeze 100 decibels from their toys.

In tests conducted earlier this year EU regulators found some players were capable of churning out more than 120 decibels, which is about as loud as a jet plane taking off over one's head.

Proponents of the measure argue more than 10 million Euro brats could suffer permanent hearing loss due to loud MP3 players, so the precious snowflakes should be protected at least to some extent. However, the industry argues 85 decibels is simply not enough, as noise levels in European cities are just too high and would ruin the user experience.

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