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Shuttle to show a Pinetrail AIO

by on09 December 2009


At CES 2010

Shuttle is preparing hard for CES, and although it didn't reveal any specific details, it did note that its "All-in-one" series will get one rather interesting new model based on Intel's upcoming Pinetrail platform.

The exact CPU that Shuttle will use for this All-in-One is unknown but our best bet is that we will see both the D410 and D510. Both of these CPUs are clocked at 1.66GHz but have a slightly higher IGP clock when compared to the N450, or mobile Pineview. The fact that it has a graphics and memory controller inside the CPU and a up to 50 percent lower TDP means that these should be passively cooled.

In addition to the Pinetrail based All-in-One system, Shuttle is also going to introduce a new J series, which should be a new generation of the XPC lineup that will cover entry, mainstream as well as maximum performance segment of the market.

We are positive that there will be many Pinetrail designs at CES 2010, and its nice to know that Shuttle will show at least one, if not more.

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