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Nintendo sells over 1.5 million consoles this Thanksgiving

by on01 December 2009


Gotta love that holiday shopping spree

announced that the company has had quite a lucrative Thanksgiving week, with sales totaling at more than 1.5 million Wii, DS and DSi units in the United States.

This means that Nintendo sold 150 units every minute during the entire week, or more than 2.5 each second. Furthermore, DS and DSi have broken Nintendo's previous hand-held sales record set by Game Boy Advance also on Thanksgiving but in 2002.

As for the Wii, Nintendo argues that consumers have responded nicely to the new suggested retail price of $199.99, which wouldn't be too far from the truth, but we doubt that it matters much as long as the cash is pouring in.


Last modified on 01 December 2009
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