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Windows 7 helps Acer

by on27 November 2009


A noticeable boost to sales


Acer boss Gianfranco Lanci said that Windows 7 had a noticeable but small influence in hardware sales.

He said the increase in sales was not so much because Windows 7 was a better operating system, but because of the natural cycle to replace or upgrade old hardware. Dell has also reported a slight lift to its own sales but hasn’t said if it expects more more sales.

Corporate buyers, which are Dell's biggest customers are still not too sure about Windows 7 and are waiting for a more mature product. They want to see how Windows 7 behaves on different hardware.

So far Microsoft has not managed to convince that that the new OS can run on everything that Vista did. In the current economic climate, businesses can't afford to invest in software which does not work on and more important if Windows 7 will involve also and upgrade at hardware level to be compatible with new OS.

In this economic environment, with lower budget, having to find increased hardware costs because Windows 7 does not have all the right drivers would not be a good thing.
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