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Windows 7 eclipses Mac OSX

by on27 November 2009


Next goal XP

Just a
month after it hit the shops, Windows 7 has already over taken the Mac OSX operating system in terms of popularity.

According to Net Applications, OSX has just five per cent of the market. Last Saturday and Sunday, Windows 7 powered an estimated 5 per cent and 5.14 per cent of all computers that were online those days, according to Internet metrics vendor Net Applications.

It is a sign of how powerful Windows 7 is becoming. While five percent is a trifling part of the market, the fact that Windows 7 got there so fast it is a sign that it will be a significant player. It took Vista four months before it had a five per cent sales share.

Net Applications said that Windows' overall market share of 92.64 per cent for the week of November 15-21 was slightly higher than the OS's October share of 92.52 per cent. In other worlds people are migrating from other operating systems to buy Windows 7.

Last week, Ballmer told shareholders that Windows 7 had sold twice the number of copies as any other Microsoft operating system in the same time span.
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