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Apple calls for an end to Psystar

by on26 November 2009


Wants injunction against the clone ranger

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have asked a California district judge to permanently restrict the Mac clone makers Psystar to prevent them from selling the Mac clones.

Apple recently won a session of hearing in court against Psystar founding them guilty of violating Apple’s rights to reproduce OS X, distribute it, and to create derivative works. Legal eagles for Apple say that Psystar has already caused irreparable damage to Apple and they want a permanent judgement against Psystar under the US Copyright Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If the injunction is made it will stop it from directly or indirectly infringing on its copyrights for Mac OS X; and circumventing any of Apple’s technological protection measures in Mac OS X, including those that can generate Apple’s decryption key. Apple fears that Psystar’s “unlawful conduct” and encourage others to follow Psystar’s pattern of deliberate disregard of well-established law. Or rather it will encourage others to buy Apple software and do what they like with it.

Apple sued Psystar back in July 2008 suing them for copyright infringement, breach of contract, trademark and trade infringement, and unfair competition.
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