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DRAM prices even out

by on25 November 2009


Still in short supply

Prices for
DRAM are finally evening out after a period where manufacturers were demanding so much that suppliers couldn't manage to get enough chips to them.

Nanya Technology spokesperson Pei-lin Pai said that the shortage in the contract market was over. He said that PC OEMs can get enough from their contract market suppliers and were not having to buy from the more expensive spot market. Pai said that this had lead to a reduction in the price of DRAM chips, even if the amount of DRAM out there was not particularly high yet.

Contract prices for DRAM chips remain unchanged for the second half of November, ending a rally that began in July, according to DRAMeXchange. You can buy 2GB DDR2 and 2GB DDR3 modules for $41 and $39 which is the same as the beginning of the year.
Last modified on 25 November 2009
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