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Margaret Thatcher's death sparks government panic

by on13 November 2009


The problem of new technology

technology appears to have caused a few problems for the Canadian government.

This week a heart broken transport minister happened to text one of his constituents with the sad news that his cat had died. All innocent enough, only John Baird's 16-year-old gray moggie just happened to be called Margaret Thatcher. The constituent appears to have got the wrong end of the stick and wired the world, plus dog, with the news that the former British Prime minister had actually snuffed it.

Upon learning the "news" via Blackberry at a soiree honouring Canadian military families this week, some 2000 shocked Conservatives, said to revere the Iron Lady, and their advisors reportedly huddled to discuss a reaction.

Conservatives all over the world have thought that Thatch was immortal thanks to her yogic breathing exercises and baths. Left wingers also believed she drank the blood of virgins, coal miners and union executives.

The Canadian prime minister's office called Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street to confirm that Margaret Thatcher, 84, had indeed croaked which totally baffled British officials.

A spokesman for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office was not immediately available for comment and neither was his cat.
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