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Some let go from EA might be hired back

by on13 November 2009


According to the company

Electronic Arts has been in the news a lot in the last several days following all of the cuts that the company made. News coming from the company at the Digital Entertainment Conference in New York is now stating that the company will be hiring employees to fill some of the positions that it recently eliminated in the last round of cuts in low-cost locations.

While these hirings will be in an effort to maintain capacity, the phrase “low-cost locations” seems to have a lot of people puzzled as what exactly EA means and where these jobs will be located. Of course, as is usual, the company has yet to clarify exactly what they meant by this comment.

From what our sources are telling us, the company seems to be done with cuts for the moment, but things could change if sales don’t pick up. Some analysts are whispering to us that it now appears that the company’s decision to devote as many resources as they did to Nintendo Wii development does not seem to be paying off, which could spell additional trouble. Sources suggest that EA’s Wii titles aren’t selling as well as expected, and this has contributed to the news that the company will be changing strategy to focus in some other new areas, such as the growing social gaming online market space.

Last modified on 13 November 2009
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