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No bugs in Windows 7

by on11 November 2009


Security fix free

While other
operating systems in Microsoft's stable were given security patches yesterday there was one important one that was considered still fine to run. Most people expected a few things to be found wrong with the newly released Windows 7, however there were no patches for the operating system.

Ben Greenbaum, a researcher at the antivirus software company Symantec said he was not too surprised as it will take attackers will take more time to figure out ways of breaking into Windows 7. However the news does pour some cold water on the rumour being spread by Apple fanboys that Windows 7 is just Vista tarted up with a service pack. If this was the case, then if there was a patch for Vista there would be also one for Windows 7.

Flaws for Vista were patched on Tuesday, but Windows 7 users found their update machine curiously quiet. That is not to say, like a Snow Leopard user, that the OS is perfect.

However like Snow Leopard, Windows 7 use is too small for attackers to be bothered with yet.
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