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Tame Apple press getting sillier

by on10 November 2009


Jobs' Mob going to be bigger than Microsoft

For a
while I have been complaining about the hold that Apple appears to have over the technology press. Apple seems to have an unfair advantage over other technology companies because it has its fan boys writing press releases for them.

Part of the reason is that Apple has a strong presence among the printing industry. Newspapers in particular use lots of Apple gear. This week it is the turn of Associated Press to make the bizzare claim that Apple will be the technology market leader and take the crown away from Microsoft.

The writer claims that Apple “phoenix-like rise from the ashes” has propelled its market value to $180 billion, raising the possibility that it could challenge Microsoft Corp for the technology crown. The article admits that Microsoft is now the world's most valuable tech company with a commanding market capitalization of $250 billion and its Windows software is in nine out of 10 personal computers. Jobs' mob can only manage five machines in every hundred.

“Apple, flush with cash and fat margins, has catalysts in the iPhone, the Mac PC and a highly anticipated but unconfirmed tablet device expected to launch next year,” the article enthuses. The article admits that Apple's revenue is still far smaller than that Redmond “but it is growing at a more rapid rate”. He said Microsoft is more of a value-based play, with "a strong product cycle coming with Windows 7."

The rest of the article is rehashing Apple's good news this year with its results. No proof that Apple has anything that can cause it to double its size and power other than the “Apple Tablet”.

Microsoft has been doing badly for a few years and Apple done quiet well. But most of Microsoft's woes have been because its flagship product Vista has been such a lemon. Replacement with Windows 7 seems to have set the company up to make shed-loads of money next year.

Those who have bought Vista will probably upgrade along with that huge market who are still using Windows XP. Apple on the other hand has... er that tablet.

Apple's own operating system seems unable to grow out of its current box. The best it has managed has been fraction of a percentage growth. It is also like to see a decline in revenues of its iPod cash cow as that fad has started to fade. Its attempts to peddle its gadgets in developing markets have largely failed, particularly in China.

Apple has largely depended on people to talk up its products and its loyal fan boy base to peddle its marketing message. However claiming that the fruity one is close to stealing Microsoft's crown is over egging the pudding. They might as well tell us that Steve Jobs is going to be the next President of the United States. (You never know... sub.ed.)
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