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Buy Windows 7, save the economy

by on03 November 2009


Microsoft's bizzare new marketing strategy

giant Microsoft is claiming that if everyone buys its operating system then the economy will be back on track.

The bizarre claim appeared in the Boston Globe which paid money to beancounters at IDC to conduct a study of the ripple effect of the Windows 7 launch. It found that American companies could hire an estimated 25,000 additional workers to cope with the Windows 7 launch, including about 2,500 new jobs in Greater Boston, through the end of 2010.

“There is a bounce effect based on the introduction of Windows 7,’’ said Amie White, vice president for global research at IDC.

The IDC study said that tech outifts will sell an extra $110 billion in Windows 7-related products and services through the end of next year in the US. Those companies will also boost the economy by investing $41 billion to develop, sell, and support new products for Windows 7 users.

This brave new world depends on Windows 7 becoming a bestseller and not another Vista.
Last modified on 03 November 2009
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