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Sony claims Exec was misquoted

by on02 November 2009


Home apparently a priority after all

During the London Games Conference last week, we heard some rumbling that Pete Edwards from Sony claimed that PlayStation Home was not a priority. This news, as it made its way around, seems to have caused quite a stir in PlayStation land.

We are now hearing that apparently Edwards was misquoted and a misrepresentation of what he actually was to have said, according to Sony. Edwards was apparently trying to get across the fact that Home was not as big of a priority as building a great platform with a compelling environment and strong community.

From what we are being told, Home is still a top priority for Sony and they will be working to add additional content and provide a positive experience to users. In addition, the company will still be working hard to fix bugs and other issues with Home that could impact the end user experience.

The key point to take away here is that the focus on Home is for a community platform first and as a business second. We would have to agree that this the way that it should be if Sony wants to be successful with Home. This news should settle some Sony folks down, as Home isn’t going away and it apparently still has the full support of the company. The only real question is whether or not Sony will continue to feel this way going forward.  If the current bugs and issues are addressed and a steady stream of content continues to flow into Home, we can still see it being successful.

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