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ION 2 comes in Q4 2009

by on27 October 2009


Many designs in 2010

Just as
we suggested more than half a year ago, Nvidia's ION 2 is still scheduled to launch in Q4 2009 but we are not sure when exactly will that take place.

ION is doing fine and this business is picking up with Nvidia and ION 2 with more than two times the graphics power of its predecessor has a big chance to get things even better.

We expect many design wins for both netbooks and ultra low voltage machines, but most of them will launch in 2010, probably early. Since Intel is starting to like Nvidia as most of notebook manufacturers did pick Nvidia's 40nm notebook chips for Calpella and despite its arrogance Intel had to obey to their request.

You will see a lot of switchable graphics in 2010, where Intel integrated graphics can be switched off, allowing you to use Nvidia's discrete GPU instead of it, and AMD has this in many systems shipping today as well.
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