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Government net involvement worries Google

by on26 October 2009


We like the neutrality but...

One of
the biggest advocates for net neutrality has just woken up to the fact that policing it will mean a bag load of bureaucratic red tape.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said that while he does not want telecommunications giants to steer Internet traffic in a way that would favour some devices or services over others, he also believes that it would be a terrible idea for the government to involve itself as an internet regulator. Schmidt said that it was possible for the government to screw the Internet up, big-time.

The US Federal Communications Commission has decided on rules about how the government will police access to the Internet. However Schmidt, who has been a big fan of the net neutrality suggested by the FCC was less happy about having a regulator on his turf. How he thought that net neutrality was possible without some form of government regulation he did not say.

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