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Borderlands for PC not playable yet

by on23 October 2009


Retailers breaking the street date are the cause

We have been receiving word that apparently many retailers didn’t understand that the PC version of the recent console release, Borderlands, had a different street date from the console version. A number of gamers have purchased the PC version, only to find out that they can’t play it at all, not even in the single player mode.

According to the reports that we have been able to compile, even if you can get your hands of a copy of Borderlands for the PC before its street date of October 27th, you are out of luck because the included Securom copy protection will not allow you to play the game.

While confusion was likely with retailers getting all three platform versions at the same time, developer Gearbox and publisher 2K Games don’t seem to have much to say beyond the fact that PC gamers will not be able to play Borderlands till October 26th at the earliest. While both Gearbox and 2K Games seem to be unhappy with the fact that the street date was broken, they have had nothing else to say on the matter at this point.

Recently, we published a story about retailers breaking the street date on titles, and as we found out in our investigation it happens a lot more than anyone cares to admit. With Internet connectivity it is likely that we will see more developers and publishers enforcing street dates by simply not turning the game on and taking advantage of various protection schemes. It is likely that in the future most, if not all, titles will require Internet connectivity, which could be interesting for the console market in which Internet connectivity is still viewed as optional.

Last modified on 23 October 2009
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