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Microtransactions likely for Fable III

by on23 October 2009


In-game shopping will really cost you

As we told you about yesterday, our sources let us know that Natal support will be integrated into Fable III. Now we hear that in addition to Natal support, Fable III is also likely to push in-game shopping to the next level with slated support for in-game microtransactions.

The new next level shopping will likely offer players the ability to spend Microsoft Points for things such as weapons and upgrades. While the microtransaction support has not been totally defined, it is under development. Still, it very likely that it will appear in Fable III, according to our sources.

The concept of in-game microtransactions is not actually new, as other titles have been recently starting to experiment with the idea. Some gamers are likely to complain that they have already paid for the game and why should they have to spend more money? While these microtransactions will not affect the player’s ability to complete the game without buying anything additional, the ability to drive additional revenue by offering more options to players is not lost on both developers and publishers. We expect that this will likely become more commonplace in upcoming titles, so gamers should start to get used to it.

Last modified on 23 October 2009
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