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Alpha Protocol delayed till 2010

by on16 October 2009


Obsidian developed title for Sega on hold till spring

Obsidian Entertainment, who is developing Alpha Protocol for Sega, is now confirming that the title is being moved to a spring 2010 release. The RPG title was supposed to appear before the end of the year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

According to our sources, Alpha Protocol has been a bit behind and trying to catch up for some time. The combination of the unique take on the RPG elements combined with the new style of innovative gameplay has led to the title needing more time to be polished. To this end the developers are said to be very pleased with Sega’s decision to delay the title till the spring of 2010.

The early buzz on Alpha Protocol has been mixed. However, some analysts that we talked with who were familiar with the title said that Sega’s decision to hold the title and give the developers more time could lead to the title having its best chance at success once it is released. Very few titles don’t gain something from additional time for the developers to polish and test the game prior to release.

Last modified on 16 October 2009
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