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Asus readies dual-core Seashell

by on13 October 2009


Atom 330 spiced up with ION

We've heard rumours of an upcoming Asus netbook with ION graphics, but for the first time there's some proof behind the talk. Mind you, we're still not entirely convinced, but managed to find some info and pics of the new Seashell. Then they took all of it down, at Asus' behest, but you can still find the screenshots here.

The new 1201N apparently features a 12-inch glare screen, Intel Atom 330 CPU and Nvidia graphics. Coupled with 3GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive, we're probably looking at the best spec'd netbook out there. However, we're really not sure we should call it a netbook. It measures 296 x 208 x 27-33mm and weighs 1.4kg, so it's relatively compact, but in terms of size it's a bit closer to CULV-based notebooks than most netbooks.

There's also an Atom Z520-based version, the 1201HA. It packs 2GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive. At the moment there is still no word on pricing or availability. We expected N270 or N280 versions though.

You can find out more here.
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