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Fermi, GT300 to launch in late November

by on05 October 2009


If all goes well

Nvidia's CEO first said that Fermi, GT300 product will launch on Tuesday and didn't want comment whether it can launch in 2009 or 2010. After a while we found out from chaps from top management that this new 40nm chip should launch in 2009.

After digging a bit more, we found out that you can expect to see Fermi officially in late November. This date can easily slip as the engineers work around the clock to make it happen. The first sample is out and Nvidia did show it to some important investors and analysts. Nvidia is adamant that the physics demo is real and not a fake thing.

ATI will enjoy availability and exclusivity on market as it has two month lead but we hope ATI can get more cards out and serve them to early DirectX 11 adopters. Nvidia also told us that GT300 was never really a codename but we don't really care as GT300 definitely sounds better than Fermi.

Despite the fact that this chap was in part responsible for the creation of the first atomic weapon, he doesn't really have what we would call a cool name. Frankly, Fermi just reminds us on an average brand for cereal, but don't worry Nvidia will replace this name with Geforce, Tesla and Quadro, when the time comes.

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