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SSD to catch up mechanical drives by 2012

by on05 October 2009


In both price and performance

charismatic CEO of OCZ technology Ryan M. Petersen has told Fudzilla that he expects SSD to overtake mechanical drives in in terms of price, capacity and of course performance.

The manufacturing roadmaps for SSD storage devices should enable three to four bits per MCL cell in late 2011 or early 2012 and this should be the point when SSD should catch up mechanical HDD drives in storage and price.The performance is already on SSD side.

This is why Intel as well as OCZ are putting a lot of effort into this market as if this turns to be right, mechanical drives might become history in the next five to ten years.

Since SSDs are faster and have better shock resistant mechanisms, they are more energy efficient and offer superior performance. Once their cost matches mechanical drives, the whole storage industry will have to move to SSD.
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