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Boffins come up with anti-WiFi paint

by on05 October 2009


For those who forget their passwords

Japanese boffins
say they have created a special kind of paint which can block out wireless signals.

It means that those who can't handle writing their own router passwords will have a method of blocking their neighbour from snooping on their networks. The paint contains an aluminium-iron oxide which resonates at the same frequency as wi-fi  or other radio waves.

Any signals can't get in or out, say the University of Tokyo boffins. It will not cost that much to make either as cost as little as £10 per kilogram. They insist that it's a quick and cheap way of preventing access to sensitive data from unauthorised users and is an alternative to complicated encryption software.

About the only use we can think of is that it would block phone signals from outside and stop people's phones ringing during a movie. This would save countless lives.
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