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Apple chum annoys fanboys

by on24 September 2009


AT&T keeps calling

Apple's chum
AT&T has been getting a hammering in the US press for the network it provides the Fruity ones.

Normally people moan about dropped or flaky connections but in the last few weeks they have been claiming that they are getting pummelled by telesales staff. Apparently AT&T has been using machines to call repeatedly over the past few weeks and months.

When customers pick up they get a recorded message tells me to call in to talk to them about my account. But when users do call AT&T staff do not know why.  About the only thing that some users could be contacted for is an upgrade to the new 3G iPhone.  However that is not always the case.

Word on the street is that as Apple thinks of dumping AT&T as its exclusive carrier of the iPhone, the outfit wants to lock people into new contracts for as long as possible. It has set its automatic dialing services to call in all its customers to see if they can be signed up before the day of darkness arrives.
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