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Does Microsoft want to buy out EA?

by on24 September 2009


Seems to be unsubstantiated from what we know

Electronic Arts got a eight percent bump in their stock price in wild rumors that begin circulating that Microsoft was considering a buyout of EA. Of course, if there is something to it, no one is going to talk about it yet. We think that it is more unsubstantiated talk than anything else from what we know.

While some analysts think that it is possible that Microsoft might consider it, the move just doesn’t seem like the direction that the company would want to go after it just spent so much time cutting its gaming software development teams.

We have reached out to several of those that we consider to be in the know, and all of them just laughed at us when we asked if Microsoft was considering this. While there is some synergy between Microsoft and Electronic Arts, it just does not seem like it could even be something that would be smart for Microsoft long term. We just don’t see it happening based on the discussions that we have had with our sources. We feel pretty confident in telling you that it isn’t going to happen.

It does, however, make you wonder how these wild rumors even get started, doesn’t it?

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