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Europe to get 250GB PS3 bundles

by on18 September 2009


Not sure what the plan is for North America

Sony does not seem to want to be outdone by Microsoft with the recent 250GB Xbox 360 announcements, and our sources tell us that at least in Europe they will be getting four different 205GB PlayStation 3 bundles from which to choose.

The PS3 slim 250GB version will be sold in a FIFA 10, Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank Future, and Need for Speed: Shift bundles. All of them will include the 250GB hard drive and at least one controller. Despite assurances from our sources, we find the release of four different bundles into the European market to be a bit much, and it is possible that in the end we might see the release of only one or two of these at the most.

While we have been telling you that Sony has had the 250GB version of the console on the drawing board for some time, this was the first solid information that seems to indicate that the company will attempt to get a similar bundle out in the same time frame as the Microsoft releases. Our sources suspect that Uncharted 2 bundle could be the first to arrive in the same time frame as the Halo ODST bundle in Europe, and the Need for Speed: Shift bundle could arrive near the same time Forza 3 bundle that Microsoft is planning.

Our sources seem to indicate that the bundle might, in fact, be customized, depending on the popularity of the titles being chosen by region. While it might be a bit more costly, it is thought that it might be helpful to Sony in an effort to move consoles. We continue to pump our sources for more information on when we can expect the first 250GB bundle to show up in North America, and it would seem that Sony is trying hard to keep these plans very secret. While we know that North America will get it, it is really a matter of when, and which bundle will make its way out the door first in North America.

Last modified on 18 September 2009
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