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Intel tries to annul EC's ?1.06 billion fine

by on16 September 2009


Blames AMD for everything


After filing an appeal against the European Commission's €1.06 billion fine in July, Intel has gone one step further, petitioning the European Union's Court of First Instance to have the fine thrown out.

In a strange the-dog-ate-my-homework twist, Intel is blaming the AMD gang for the whole mess. Intel argues that Eurocrats got it all wrong in their investigation, that Intel never harmed consumers, that it loves babies, puppies, stands for world peace and that it's all AMD's fault, as it had no competitive products.

Intel was accused of using discounts and rebates to keep AMD-based products of the market, but Intel argues that it was all AMD's fault. Intel is blaming AMD's own shortcomings for the company's market share slump. Intel is also citing a Dell executive who basically said the outfit wasn't using AMD chips because they were pants, not because Intel was paying them not to.

It seems, however, that EC investigators weren't too happy to share all their findings with Intel, including the Dell statement, and they simply tucked some evidence away. Intel is using this fact to prove that the investigation was flawed from the beginning.

It's not clear when the Court will consider Intel's appeal, but we're bound to see some interesting statements from both Intel and AMD on the matter.

Last modified on 16 September 2009
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