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Chair to deal with cheaters

by on16 September 2009


Will wipe scores of Shadow Complex cheats

It seems that Chair Entertainment is about to deal with those who are amassing scores by cheating in Shadow Complex. Sources say that the company is fed up with those that are racking up scores dishonestly, and that the company will be going aggressively after those cheaters.

Cheaters can expect to be reported to the Xbox Live team and have their gamerscores deleted or even be banned from the Shadow Complex leaderboards. Those that don’t learn their lesson will be publicly outed as cheaters and should have their entire gamerscore wiped.

Microsoft takes cheating and the violation of the terms of service very seriously, and sources suggest that the public outcry has been quite loud about the Shadow Complex exploits and cheating that has been going on. Some just complain that it isn’t even within the spirit of the game. If you have been cheating, you had better take this warning seriously; as Chair, as well as the Xbox Live team, is paying close attention and they will deal with those that simply don’t get it.

Last modified on 16 September 2009
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