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Mobile video consumption to reach 1.8 exabytes by 2017

by on09 September 2009


From laptop and netbook users alone

Word has it that the internet is a crawling place when it comes to accessing mobile video content and satisfying the unending demand of its inhabitants for more digital film and video content. Nevertheless, the folks over at Coda Research Culsultancy, Ltd. decided to take field polls and gather gross estimate analysis data regarding mobile broadband traffic between 2009 and 2017.

According to the organization’s report documentation, laptop and netbook users alone will consume over 1.8 exabytes (1,932,735,280 gigabytes) of data, per month, in 2017. To put in perspective, this number is a 40-fold increase over what it is today. Non-P2P video traffic is expected to grow the greatest by around 68 percent and will account for over half (53 percent) of traffic on internet connected portable devices by 2017.

The report also states that Europe will account for 26 percent of all global traffic and North America 15 percent. In fact, Around 80% of the world’s three billion broadband subscriptions will be mobile by 2013.


According to Steve Smith, founder of Coda Research Consultancy, "the sheer amount of traffic people will consume worldwide will put pressure on operator revenues and network capacity, necessitating radical efficiency drives." He also notes that end user frustration with bandwidth and speed will increase in the short term.

The full report can be found here.
Last modified on 09 September 2009
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