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Apple's new camera idea is flawed

by on08 September 2009


Before they even release it

Apple is
getting a reputation of releasing a lot of expensive products onto the market which have design flaws or even explode under pressure.

However according to Apple Insider just days before Apple is expected to unveil its new line of iPods, multiple reports are suggesting that some of the widely anticipated camera-equipped media players could be delayed due to technical difficulties. The problem has been caused by bad parts within the camera modules. The gear was expected to be shown off tomorrow at Apple's cult love-in with the media.

But it appears the problem has been going on for a lot longer than new machines.  For months Apple Fanboys have been posting iPod touch and iPod nano pictures online to show off with camera holes.  Some believe that the new machines were supposed to fix the problem, but might have created another one.

MacInsider said rumors of the camera upgrade cropped up long before the case evidence surfaced, but in recent months the evidence has become more convincing. It is unclear whether the debut of iPods with cameras has been scrapped from tomorrow's event or if the products will simply not be available for sale for some time after an unveiling.  Either way if the product is shown off Mac fan boys will cheer and applaud as if it is a cure for cancer rather than another way of listening to Coldplay and U2.
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