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Today is Intel's launch day

by on08 September 2009


Lynnfield and the P55

Although, both the Lynnfield CPU and the P55 chipset have been in our news stories for quite a while, Intel is officially clearing the NDA from this new platform as of today. Our own review is already up and you can expect a bunch of other reviews all over the net.

Intel's Core i5 CPU is a mainstream part and impressing our own reviewer Eliot is not an easy task. A 2.66GHz CPU overclocked to over 4GHz on air and high under-voltaging capability were enough for him to vote over the "higher" price of the Intel platform and give it our recommended award. Paired up with a good P55 motherboard like the MSI P55-GD80 which we had a chance to see a week ago, and Lynnfield certainly sounds like a great deal.

Anandtech got a hold of two of these, Core i7 870 and the Core i5 750 and it looks like he is on the same wave length. Good CPU is something that you can easily write about. The guys from had a nice article about the architecture, while and followed with the reviews of those same Core i7 870 and Core i5 750 processors. jumped out of the line with three CPUs plus a review of Intel's reference P55 motherboard. The OCWorkbench crew turned their attention to the chipset and posted reviews of three motherboards from different manufacturers.

More reviews will probably go online today, but the bottom line is already clear, Intel has launched a great line of CPUs.

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