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Snow Leopard breaks users' applications

by on04 September 2009


Don't be quick to upgrade

Early adopters
of Apple's Snow Leopard service pack are probably regretting their zeal to buy the upgrade on the first day.

Reports are coming in that large chunks of Apple's limited supply of software actually do not work on the new operating system. Apparently in its quest to try and put a spoiler on Window's release of Windows 7, Apple decided not to wait for software designers to upgrade their products. While some such as Adobe Photoshop and Apple's own apps Mail, Calendar, and iTunes all work others do not.

Some only work if you are prepared to tinker with the operating system, something that most Macheads can't do because they have been trained to accept the default settings that Steve Jobs tells them are right. Microsoft's Live Mesh sync and backup product doesn't yet work. iStat Menus, a Mac system monitor and the preferences pane for Growl, the universal-app pop-up notifier is broken.

The Developers are moaning that Apple caused problems for them by releasing Snow Leopard early.
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