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Wii more reliable than PS3, not to mention 360

by on03 September 2009


The little engine that could

to a SquareTrade report on game console reliability, the humble Wii is about as reliable as a Swiss clock, a Japanese car or an American shotgun.

Basically, Nintendo's white toy is 9 times more reliable than Xbox 360, 4 times more than PS3. Over two years of use, just 2.7 percent of Wii users reported a failure. One in ten Playstation 3 users also saw their pricey toy expire, while Xbox 360 owners reported failures in 23.7 percent of all consoles sold.

The Wii's Achilles heel are its controllers and power supply system. The Xbox 360 and PS3 commonly face issues related to disc read errors and some output problems.

It must be noted that the Wii is the least used of the three consoles in the survey. Xbox 360 users spend the most time behind their consoles, and PS3 users are not far behind. The average Wii user, however, spends half as much time playing as 360 or PS3 users.

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