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PS3 Cross-Game voice chat held back?

by on28 August 2009


Rumors suggest that EA might be the reason why

We have been working the phones today, and trying to run down some rumors about a nixed PS3 firmware update feature that would enable cross-game voice chat being held back by a publisher who does not want its titles to look bad because they don’t support the feature.

According to what our sources are telling us, the company is said to be none other than Electronic Arts, and they have allegedly threatened everything from killing off all PS3 support to the launching of long and protracted legal action in order to stop the firmware update for the PS3 from going live in the next build.

From what we hear, both EA and Sony are suggesting that the entire thing is a total fabrication and nonsense. EA claims that they support cross-game chat on other systems, so there is no reason they would not support it on the PS3.

We have attempted to contact Sony’s new Director of Rumor Confirmation,  Kevin Butler, but the operator at the corporate office had no listing by name or by job title in her directory. I guess Butler is so new on the job that they have not been able to get him into the system yet. We will update you when we have more on this, but it does seem at least plausible at the moment.

Last modified on 28 August 2009
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