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Apple shafts UK fanboys

by on26 August 2009


Pay more cash

Apple has
decided that its fanboys in the UK are even dafter than the people it has buying its stuff stateside.

Jobs Mob have decided that people in Blighty should pay more for the privilege of owning its Leopard Service Pack Snow Leopard. While people in the US will have to pay $29 which is £18 in proper money. British Mac Fanboys will have to pay £25. This is a 22 per cent charge for being British.

Some users even expected Snow Leopard to be priced at under £20 by Apple UK. Some Mac fanboys are a little miffed that Apple always feels the need to use them as a personal ATM machine. It already charges British users more for its already over-priced hardware. We assume as a fee for the British Army burning the White House last time its army showed up on US soil.

Of course the feeling of outrage against Apple is not universal. Some Mac fan boys have told us that they would love to pay Steve Jobs more cash for a service pack that most Windows users would get for nothing. Mind you some Mac fan boys would drink poison if it had an Apple logo on it.

Others think it is wonderful that this service pack will prevent PowerPC based macs from working and they have to pay for the privilege.
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