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Facebook story goes to the silver screen

by on25 August 2009


David Fincher to direct

As if the
Facebook hype wasn't annoying enough as it is, it will soon end up in a theater near you. Columbia Pictures have approved production of 'The Social Network', a story about the formation of social notworking site Facebook. The idea has been around for a while, but now it's officially going into production.

The movie will be based on a script by Aaron Sorkin, the man behind A Few Good Men and The West Wing, while David Fincher will be directing. Fincher is best known for directing Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of you-know-who.

So, the staff is top notch, and we have no doubt they'll do a pretty good job. Filming will start in October and the budget is $47 million, which doesn't sound like too much nowadays, considering how much Michael Bay spends on his nonsense.
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