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Scythe shows its Kama Bay AMP Kro and Kro Craft

by on17 August 2009


Amplifier and speakers

Scythe has announced its new amplifier and speaker system. The Kama Bay AMP Kro amplifier and the Kro Craft speakers are meant for those looking for an affordable speaker system that certainly packs more punch than your regular computer audio system.

The Kama Bay AMP Kro amplifier uses Yamaha's YFA138(D-3) ICs, has 2-channel speaker output and a 3.5mm headphone output. It has a maximum output of 10W per channel and can be apparently placed inside a 5.25-inch bay.

The speakers are packed in black wood case and include a 100mm aluminum concave woofer which also acts as a mid-range speaker and a 25mm soft dome tweeter. It has a maximum input of 20W and weighs 2.9kg per speaker. Other technical specs include an impedance of 8 Ohms and a frequency range between 58Hz and 20kHz.

Even if this is not a high-end speaker system we are sure that it produces better sound quality than your regular computer sound system. The Kro Craft Speakr and Bay AMP Kro will be available as of August 19th with a price tag of €42 / US $55. Scythe has also stepped up and offered both of these in a package under a Kro Craft Speaker PLUS name, with a slightly lower price of €79/US $100.

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