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Club 3D releases Radeon HD 2400 series

by on07 July 2007

Low-end by Club 3D


Like they did with the Radeon HD 2600 series, Club 3D decided to announce two cards for it's low-end, or more commonly know as entry level market. The interesting thing is that Club 3D decided to hold back on the Radeon HD 2400XT. That move is not strange at all, since the 2400XT GPU performs somewhere between a game card, and a HTPC based card. As you all know it comes with a 64-bit memory interface.

None the less, Club 3D decided to show two RV610Pro based cards, one that uses a full-size PCB and is passively cooled, and the other is low-profile with fan cooling. As for the first card's GPU, it comes clocked at 525MHz. The card's full "name" is Club 3D HD 2400 PRO PASSIVE, and it comes equiped with 256MB of GDDR2 that works at 800MHz. The card does of course has a 64-bit memory interface. The card is cooled by a heatsink that covers most of the PCB.

The other card is a low-profile RV610Pro based card, Club 3D HD 2400 PRO LOW PROFILE. The card's GPU is clocked at 525MHz, and comes with the same 800MHz clocked 256MB GDDR2 and 64-bit memory interface. It has a small fan and heatsink for a small card and it will be perfect for a HTPC, since the entire Radeon HD 2400 series feature full HDMI support with sound, over a DVI-HDMI adapter.


Both cards are DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0 compliant, and will easily deal with any HD video play back. 


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