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Facebook in hot water over married hot singles

by on30 July 2009


Hey Peter, hot singles are waiting for you


Peter Smith, of Lynchburg, Virginia, was in for an unpleasant surprise when he took a look at some ads on Facebook.

While browsing, a singles ad appeared, saying: "Hey Peter, Hot singles are waiting for you!" He looked at the photo, and soon realized that the 'hot single' looked quite familiar, actually a lot like the face he saw every morning in bed.

The "hot single" was, in fact, none other than his wife, Cheryl, whose photo was nicked from her profile by a Facebook advertiser. The Smiths took it all in good spirit, and Cheryl said that Peter "fortunately has a sense of humour" and that, otherwise, it could have "played out very differently." She wasn't even cross about him glancing at singles ads.


Facebook reacted to the issue by disabling two advertising networks which violated its terms of service. However, Cheryl apparently failed to switch off a certain setting on Facebook that allows the company to use personal info in adverts sent to friends. Exactly why this setting would be activated by default is anyone's guess.

So here's a Fudzilla tip. If you're married, don't look at singles ads, as the person you might end up cheating your wife with could very well end up being your wife. No wait, never mind.

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