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Acer Revo gets dual-core Atom

by on27 July 2009


And more storage

A while
back we tested Acer's Revo nettop, the first ION-based nettop ever. We liked it, and although it was a bit on the loud side, it offered quite a bit more GPU muscle than regular nettops with Intel IGPs.

Now, it has gotten even better, as Acer has upgraded it and stuck a dual-core Atom 330 into the sleek chassis. That's not the only improvement, memory was doubled to 4GB, and storage was bumped up to 320GB or 500GB, depending on the SKU.

It ships with Vista Home Premium on it, and prices start at €349 for the version with 320GB of storage, while the 500GB version will set you back €399. It's still not available in retail, but you can expect it to show up in a store near you in a few weeks.
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