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Microsoft and Yahoo deal still on

by on20 July 2009


Close to signing

Despite all the comments denying it, it appears that the on again, off again deal between Microsoft and Yahoo is not only on again but close to being signed.

Top executives at Microsoft have all flown down to Silicon Valley from their Redmond, to iron out the remaining issues, which seem to have to do with the deployment of technology. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did not go with the group, but apparently he is involved.

The dark satanic rumour mill claims that the deal could be announced within the next week. Hacks in the US have found deep throats from both companies singing from the same hymn sheet saying that the deal will go ahead.

It is really odd that a deal could be so close when Yahoo still officially is denying that it is even talking to Microsoft. True, there is a possibility that a deal between the pair will not go ahead. At various times the two companies have been “close to a deal” only for it to go pear shaped at the last moment.

The deal currently suggests that Microsoft will pay Yahoo several billion dollars upfront to take over its search advertising business and guarantee certain payments back to Yahoo. Yahoo might have to flog advertising for both companies. Both need each other, if they are going to deal with Google.
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