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PSP2 already in the works

by on08 July 2009


Said to feature quad-core graphics

Our sources
are speaking up about Sony’s plans for a new PlayStation Portable that has already been dubbed the PSP2. Unlike the PSP Go! that was nothing more than a refresh and revised version of the current PSP, the PSP2 will feature all new technology and abilities.

The graphics engine that is said to power the PSP2 will be a revised version of the Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR SGX in a quad-core configuration that has been called codename “Hydra,” according to our sources.

As such, in a quad-core configuration the POWERVR SGX (which is clocked at 200MHz) core would be able to deliver in excess of 133 million polygons per second with 4Gpixel per second fill rates. These kinds of numbers would put the new PSP2 as having nearly as much graphics horsepower as the first generation Xbox as far as the graphical performance, which is incredible for a device of this size.

One thing that is interesting about the SGX543MP4 is that it has the unique ability to function as both a GPU as well as a CPU, which leaves the door open for Sony to be able to do some things that might include not using a CPU and going with this hybrid chip to handle all of the functions.

According to our sources, Sony is still undecided about which design direction it will be going, but it is expected that they will start making their choices over the next couple of weeks in an effort to test some concept prototypes in the lab to get a better feel about the real world abilities and performance.

One thing that might be an issue out of the gate is battery life, but SGX543MP4 claims to be designed for mobile devices and offers power savings that are necessary to these types of platforms while maintaining performance. While cooling could end up being another design challenge, it is obvious that we have not seen the last of the PlayStation Portable platforms.

This news adds additional belief that Microsoft might be also working on a portable Xbox platform, as well, according to our sources. While others have speculated that Microsoft may have been working on an Xbox portable platform for some time, information surrounding its development has been shrouded in secrecy and little, if anything, is known about their plans. Beyond our sources saying that they have heard that Microsoft has had discussions about such a device, no real reliable information has emerged yet.

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