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Club 3D has overclocked 8600GT

by on03 July 2007

It claims worlds best 8600GT


Club 3D has introduced a new graphic card in its Geforce 8 series. According to the PR this card surpasses all standard "Overclocked" and "Superclocked" special versions that has been seen, look out EVGA, Club 3D is on a roll, at least in its PR.

The new 8600GT Oveclocked is based on the Nvidia G84 GPU. The card itself is equipped with 512MB of 128bit GDDR3 that works at 1,600MHz. The mentioned G84 GPU is clocked at 620MHz. Club 3D continues its roll with a statement that this is the first card on the market with such high clock speeds combined with 512MB of memory.


The card is cooled by a special heavy duty, low noise cooler that should be able to cool down the G84 GPU. As all other Nvidia 8 series graphics cards, this one is also DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0 compliant. Pricing wasn't disclosed, but with DDR3 onboard this isn't going to be cheap, it will definitely be more expensive than any other 8600GT. We hope that the performance won't be that much lower than the 8600GTS. 



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