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Strange Xbox 360 Beta entry explained

by on29 June 2009


Select individuals testing new avatar infrastructure

So, you have been wondering about the strange orange “Beta 09” icon that you have been seeing associated with some gamer tags on Xbox Live these days? We have the actual scoop about what it is and what it means for the future.

The orange colored “beta 09” icon that you are seeing is actually real beta testing that is taking place for the next Xbox 360 dashboard update that is now expected in late summer or early fall, from the latest we are hearing.

From what we have been able to uncover, the specifics appear to be testing for the new “avatar marketplace” infrastructure that will allow games to award avatar items. For example, a game might award a game-themed t-shirt for your avatar for completing a special challenge.

In addition, micro-purchases are likely to be part of the avatar marketplace at some point, as well, that will allow users to buy special items using Microsoft Points to customize their avatars. While all of the details have yet to be revealed, we know that it is likely you will see it in the next 360 dashboard update.

Some speculate that the avatar marketplace will be a very big addition to the platform for Microsoft and it will prove to be quite popular once released. So, if you see those orange colored “beta 09” icons on gamer tags know that they are, in fact, doing a big service for the community in general by testing this new stuff and providing feedback before the actual release. They are also the ones to blame if they don’t find all of the bugs and glitches prior to release, we would guess.

Last modified on 29 June 2009
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