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Iranian hackers attack the US

by on25 June 2009


The Persian Empire strikes back

of the Iranian president, who won an election without many votes being counted, have been hacking into US sites.

Hackers defaced the home page of the Oregon University System, posting a caustic message telling President Barack Obama to mind his own business and stop talking about the disputed Iranian election.

Talking about elections in the US is apparently what is leading to riots in the streets of Iran. While the young and IT literate have mostly been supporting Mir Hossein Mousavi's 'green' revolution against the election result, it seems that the other side have a few hackers in their weapon's drawer too. But for some reason they thought attacking the University of Oregon would bring the US to its knees.

Attempts to access the university system's Web site were automatically redirected to another page, where readers viewed a message said to be from Iran that asserted there was no cheating in the election. That message was up for 90 minutes before university system technicians intervened.

The attack was based on a flaw in some third-party software that had not been properly updated. The text, in red on a black background, calls on Obama to focus on the economic crisis instead of commenting on the Iranian election.
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