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Jobs still has a few good miles left in him

by on24 June 2009


Doctors report on transplant success

Apple Messiah
Steve Jobs has a few more miles left to do on the clock after his liver transplant, his doctors have told the press.

Medics who installed an iLiver in Jobs said he received the liver transplant because he was the sickest person on the waiting list needing a donor liver. Dr. James D. Eason, chief of transplantation at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in Memphis said that Jobs is now recovering well and has an excellent prognosis.

Despite the fact that Apple told the world that Jobs had a “hormone imbalance” and it was nothing for shareholders to worry about, a news release posted on the hospital's Web site that when Jobs received the transplant said he was in end-stage liver disease.

It looks like the Memphis Hospital did not bump Jobs to the top of any list and the bloke really was critically ill at the time. The question then is why was Apple lying to shareholders when its number one asset and icon was clearly that unwell.

Eason said the hospital could not reveal further specifics about the transplant.
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