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Windows Mobile opens shots with Apple

by on23 June 2009


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With Palm
already in the market, it seems that Microsoft has also joined in the mud-wrestling contest by launching an updated Windows Mobile operating system.

The system has an intuitive, finger-touch interface and online backup. Microsoft tells us it will be around in October. It will have a fair bit of difficultly as the market is now wide open with lots of different operating systems fighting for space. Microsoft has been mostly successful in the business community thanks to its PC-synchronisation and email server convenience.

Looking under the bonnet of Microsoft's developer tool kit, it appears that the cunning plan is to encourage developers to make it look as much like the iPhone as possible. The applications will be peddled through something similar to Apple's App store.

Microsoft does have some advantages. HTC has committed to 6.5 with the Pro2 and Touch Diamond2. So has Samsung with its Omnia Icon. But while most are looking for the main war to between Apple and Palm, it is likely that it will be decided between Microsoft and Blackberry. Business markets are always where the volume sales have been.
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