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Ballmer claims now he made poor word choice

by on23 June 2009


No new console, but leaves the door open on revisions

Steve Ballmer is now claiming that his poor choice of words got tongues wagging by suggesting that a new console was on the horizon, and this statement has been walked back by the CEO. While the door was left open to revisions of the current console platform, Ballmer apologized for his word selection and now says that it was a mistake.

While Microsoft has spent a lot of effort to make sure that they get the word out that there is not going to be a new console anytime soon, we again remind you that while there will not be a new console, we expect the introduction of a new revised console bundle featuring a revised and slimmer Xbox 360 that will be bundled along with Natal.

At this point Microsoft has little choice other than to try to take Steve’s comments back. The comments could destroy potential sales if gamers think that a new console is on the horizon soon. Some gamers might then choose to buy other consoles; but as we have told you already, both Nintendo and Sony are expected to release revised versions of their consoles shortly.

Last modified on 23 June 2009
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