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Update on the real Steve Jobs

by on22 June 2009


Jobs had liver transplant two months ago

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has had a liver transplant. 

Jobs has been on a six-month leave of absence since January from Apple due to health reasons that were claimed to be caused by a hormonal imbalance.  Jobs’ increasingly frail appearance earlier in the year caused concern among investors and the business world after he appeared to be suffering from ill health.  Jobs previously had surgery in 2004 for a rare type of pancreatic cancer that he was said to be in remission from.  Speculation was rampant recently that Jobs’ pancreatic cancer had returned.

Jobs had recently relocated from California to Tennessee, where the waiting list is shorter for those seeking organ transplants.  The organ transplant was reported to have taken place two months ago and the WSJ indicated that Jobs is recovering successfully from it.

Jobs had indicated in January that he planned to return to the helm of Apple by the end of June.  Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  However, an Apple representative told the WSJ that Jobs "continues to look forward to returning at the end of June, and there's nothing further to say."

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