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Commodore 64/128 get a Twitter client

by on16 June 2009


The Breadbox64


Unbelievable as it may sound, the venerable Commodore 64 and 128 have gotten their own Twitter clients, allowing users to tweet from their ancient computers with a little help from the Breadbox 64. While we’re not sure why’d anyone do such a thing in the time of modern computing, the fact that there are still people who program for Commodore almost brought a tear to our eye.

MOS Technologies’ CPU 6502 running at 985 KHz, maximum screen resolution of 320×256 and 64/128KB of RAM aren’t quite going to provide the ultimate tweeting experience, as this “computer” obviously can’t even beat the most basic mobile phones on the market, but it’s still fun to see what can be done with so little resources. Going online will require an MMC replay cartridge, but other than that you’re all set for tweeting.

The program runs on Contiki OS, a highly portable, multi-tasking OS for memory efficient networked embedded systems and uses CC65 C compiler. You can find out more by seeing the Breadbox 64 in action and download your C64/128 Tweet-client here.

Last modified on 16 June 2009
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